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What is the meaning of 3d graph?

asked 2017-05-26 19:48:26 +0200

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updated 2017-05-26 20:48:28 +0200

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I read the reference manual. There I see only x,y. So how is the value of z decided? Example:

def f(x,y):
      return math.sin(y*y+x*x)/math.sqrt(x*x+y*y+.0001)

P = plot3d(f,(-3,3),(-3,3), adaptive=True, color=rainbow(60, 'rgbtuple'), max_bend=.1, max_depth=15)

I also don't know how to paste the sage cell code, as only latex is the way here.

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answered 2017-05-26 21:35:58 +0200

ndomes gravatar image

The function f returns z values. That's all. Do not confuse with implicit_plot3d. There you normally use an expression containing x, y and z.

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