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I don't get the window shown in step 3.3 Using Sage

asked 2017-01-15 01:26:03 +0200

gainwmn gravatar image

I have installed sage-7.4.ova for Windows 10, 64-bit and the Windows Virtual Box. But the window that comes up after the run of sage-7.4 is quite different from the one shown in the step 3.3 of the instructions (which I followed to the letter): it does have File, Machine and other options in the upper Menu Bar, but the rest is completely different: there is a 'jupyter' sub-window with the run-down list of files, such as 'sage', sage-7.4', 'notebook-browser', etc. with the upload and new buttons in the upper-right corner of the sub-window, no command line and pressing Right-Ctrl + F1 does not bring anything (nothing changes.) Any suggestions?

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answered 2017-01-17 10:14:32 +0200

slelievre gravatar image

If you are using 64-bit Windows 10, you can try the new SageMath installer for Windows.

Get the .exe installer from the first item at

See also this answer to a previous question about Windows 10.

About the instructions concerning the virtual machine, you are right, they need updating.

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