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witt index of quadratic form

asked 2017-01-01 21:09:29 +0200

user58293 gravatar image

An important invariant of quadratic forms $(V,q)$ over a field is the Witt index, the dimension of a maximal isotropic subspace of $V$.

Is Sage able to calculate this? I have checked and there does not seem to be anything there to help me (but I may have overlooked it).

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answered 2017-01-02 12:20:49 +0200

slelievre gravatar image

updated 2017-01-05 16:24:44 +0200

Searching the Sage documentation and source seems to indicate there is nothing in Sage for that.


sage: search_doc("witt")
sage: search_src("witt")

only have references to other Witt things.

However, there is a GAP package called "Forms" which you might find useful.


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