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Does Sage have a plain math expression editor, without any calculation performed?

asked 2016-11-01 21:56:19 +0200

Michel Poquerusse gravatar image

updated 2024-04-22 20:17:04 +0200

FrédéricC gravatar image

Is there a way to edit an expression in a pretty, classical, math style without declaring variables and without evaluating?

In Mathematica we can write whatever we want using some keystroke shortcuts and it looks just as if it were hand-written. We can keep these notes in a file and re-use them (visualize, modify...) later on. The powerful feature is that we can copy and paste any part of such notes into a notebook and get it evaluated in the most straightforward way.

Can we do this in Sage?

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answered 2016-11-04 18:53:54 +0200

slelievre gravatar image

In a Jupyter notebook worksheet running the Sage kernel, just like in a Sage notebook worksheet, you can use markdown cells in addition to compute cells.

In markdown cells, you can freely type text, with latex formulas using $...$, italics using *...* and bold using **...**.

The Jupyter notebook worksheets can be saved as .ipynb files.

The Sage notebook worksheets can be saved as .sws files.

Note that on SageMathCloud at you can also use SageMathCloud Sage worksheets, and those also have an option to have markdown blocks by using %md at the beginning of a code block.

SageMathCloud Sage worksheets can be saved as .sagews files.

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