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What's this result of equation solving?

asked 2016-10-17 05:47:15 +0200

palidehx gravatar image

Hi guys

I want to solve an equation that get from determinant of a matrix, but I cannot understand the result! Can anyone help me?

It's my code:

x = var('x')
A = Matrix([[0,1],[1,0]])
A = (I*x*A).exp()
A = A.determinant()
solve(A == 1,x,to_poly_solve ='force')

This is result!!!!!:

[x == 1/2*I*lambert_w(68)]

What is exactly that c68 (it's change every time!) [The result for equation should be pi/2]

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answered 2016-10-17 13:55:08 +0200

eric_g gravatar image

c68 stands for an arbitrary constant. That's because there is an infinite number of solutions to your equation, not only pi/2, since A is actually equal to 1, as you can see by expanding it:

sage: A.expand()

NB: you may also use A.simplify_full(), which yields the same result (A=1).

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