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Defining a number field in sage

asked 2016-08-17 18:52:09 +0200

asksage_user gravatar image

I know how to define a number field in sage by an irreducible polynomial over $\mathbb{Q}$, for example

sage: K.<a> = NumberField(x^3 - 2)
sage: a.minploy()

But how do I define any number field like $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{d_1},\sqrt{d_2})$ in sage, where $d_1$ and $d_2$ are two distinct squarefree integers? So how do I find the defining minimal polynomial of the field extension $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{d_1},\sqrt{d_2})$ over $\mathbb{Q}$?

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answered 2016-08-17 20:47:18 +0200

nbruin gravatar image
sage: K.<a,b>=NumberField([x^2-3,x^2-5])
sage: K.absolute_field('c')
Number Field in c with defining polynomial x^4 - 16*x^2 + 4

This gets you a representation of K as a simple extension of Q. There are many choices possible.

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