solution for implicit function with boundary condition

asked 2016-08-05 14:12:27 +0200

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Hello everyone I have a equation of

$$ x \sin(\theta_0)+y \cos(\theta_0)+Cy_0-a \sin(((x \cos(\theta_0)-y \sin(\theta_0))+Cx_0)/Wavelength 2 \pi) == 0$$

which is the graph of $$a \sin(x/Wavelength 2 \pi)$$

translate $Cx_0, Cy_0$ and turn $\theta$ degree

Now I want to find the value of y for every x

and the boundary condition is -5<x&lt;5 and="" -2<y&lt;2<="" p="">

I only need numerical solution So I write(for example)


but it only give me

yy == -1591171550/11651589*sin(-8742223/40728696*pi + 1674841/89990759*pi*yy) - 2736327944741683/32059067495364

This is not what I need How can I solve it?

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