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What is the bug ?

asked 2016-05-03 07:31:12 +0200

Anupamsage gravatar image

I am writing this code in sage online worksheet given a tuple say $a=(a_1,a_2,...a_n)$ \phi be an permutation in S_n then \phi(a)= (a_\phi(1),...,a_\phi(n)) I want to count the number of permutation that fixes a The code is as follows

def Aut(tuple): c=1 for a in SymmetricGroup(len(tuple)): if a.action(tuple)== tuple : c=c+1

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answered 2016-05-03 15:38:32 +0200

B r u n o gravatar image

There is no method action for elements of the symmetric group. You should write a(tuple) instead of a.action(tuple). And by the way, your function does not return anything, and I think c should be initialized to 0. Maybe:

def Aut(tuple):
    c = 0
    for a in SymmetricGroup(len(tuple)):
        if a(tuple) == tuple:
            c = c+1
    return c
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