Piecewise function of several variables and how to display it

asked 2015-11-26 14:32:15 +0200

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updated 2015-11-26 14:37:42 +0200

Hi, I need to define a piecewise function of several variables. For a function of one variable I would use probably Piecewise. I would like to work with a function G of two variables t and s that is of this form:

def G(t,s):
    if (t < s):
        return 1
        return 0

Although this works, I would like to have a nice displaying of this function, like a function generated by Piecewise does. Is there another way how to define this function?

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I don't think so, although you could use floor(min(1, s/t))...

A.P. gravatar imageA.P. ( 2015-11-30 17:38:09 +0200 )edit