How to define the derivative of a function

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I want to tell Sage what expression to use for the derivative of a funtion a. This vould be something like this: diff(a,t) = b^2. But this doesn't do the trick...

Example I want to define this set of differential quations:

  • aDot = da/dt = b^2,
  • bdot = db/da = u.

I want Sage to find the relation between a and u. For that Sage needs to differentiate a twice: - diff(a,t,2) But to be able to calculate d^2/d t ^2 a = d/dt *b^2 = 2 bu, Sage needs to to both differential equations.

How can I implemant that?

Thanks alot in advance for your replies!


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It sounds like the following might work for you:

niles gravatar imageniles ( 2015-08-24 14:05:44 +0100 )edit