help() in R mode produces underscores in output

asked 2015-06-27 23:52:41 +0200

NahsiN gravatar image

Hello, I am using the sage notebook to interface with R. I am using the R interpreter for the whole sheet. Whenever I use help such as help(sort), the output has underscored. For e.g. sort package:base R Documentation

_S_o_r_t_i_n_g _o_r _O_r_d_e_r_i_n_g _V_e_c_t_o_r_s


 Sort (or _order_) a vector or factor (partially) into ascending or
 descending order.  For ordering along more than one variable,
 e.g., for sorting data frames, see ‘order’.

So basically whereever there should be a space there is an underscore. Does anyone else have this issue? I am using sage 6.7 on ubuntu using the ppa.

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