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Is there other ways to visualize weights of the graph edges aside from labels?

asked 2015-02-28 10:56:36 +0200

Eugene gravatar image

Assuming I have graph:

M = Matrix([[0,1,-1],[1,0,-1/2],[-1,-1/2,0]])
G = Graph(M)

In order to plot it and visualize edge weights I can do:


This will put labels on the edges, but is there other ways? For example, varying edge thickness in regard to the weight it represents, so the higher weight will be represented by thick lines and lower by thin lines? Or, more generally, is there other ways of visualization of the weights?

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answered 2015-02-28 11:42:09 +0200

Nathann gravatar image

No, I do not think that there is. If you do not have many weights you can adapt the color of each edge individually I guess (use the edge_colors argument). This software, however, is open-source, so you can add whatever you miss.


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