Calling Sage functions from Mathematica

asked 2014-10-04 10:21:08 +0200

Han gravatar image

Is it possible to call Sage functions from Mathematica?

I'm new to Sage. I find that some functions in Sage are extremely useful for me. But I'm not so used to the language in Sage. Instead, Mma is currently my main tool. So I wonder whether I can call Sage functions from Mathematica.

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Well, you can call math*matica from sage. i doubt that the other way is possible.

FrédéricC gravatar imageFrédéricC ( 2014-10-04 13:52:06 +0200 )edit

You would better ask Mathematica staff.

vdelecroix gravatar imagevdelecroix ( 2014-10-27 18:56:50 +0200 )edit