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  1. Why are some suppliers & stock items shown in red? What does red generally indicate?
  2. What valuation method is used for stock - FIFO, LIFO or average cost?
  3. How are the Nominal Ledger codes and Product cosdes structured? How can Post Invoices?New/Edit determine the correct Nominal (sales)code from the Product code?
  4. What is the diffrence, including accounting treatment and calculation of VAT, between customer discounts and (early) settlement/cash discounts?
  5. The deductions from Gross wages/salaries include employee's National Insurance(NI). In addition, the employer must pay employer's NI. What are these for and what is the difference between the two including their accounting treatment?
  6. What are "Late Entries"? What date should be used when posting late invoices and why?
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This question is about the Sage accounting software, but this forum is for the Sage mathematics software (sagemath.org).

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