png scale of Posets and order from left ro right

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Hi to all,

I am doing a project with Posets in Sage. What I want is to create Posets and O(P) to view a pattern based on the created (png) Posets, so that I can generalize the behavior of O(P). I have created the Posets, but it changes the order of the numbers in the Poset, which makes difficult to see the pattern. ( I cant upload images because of my Karma... :/)

For example, the labeling of the posets go, from left to right (when there are more nodes):

level           Poset (connected)                   
  2                 4

  1             3       2

  0                 1

1- How I can force to draw the picture (the png) to go in the ascending order, from left to right?

Also, when the posets have 12 or more elements, they are not readable, the labels are inserted inside the others...

2- How I can change the scale of the nodes and the scale of the arrows to be more readable??

Thak you!

Note: I am using

   x = P2.plot() # P2 is a Poset"myfile.png") # save the Poset
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I am very new with Sage, some insight for this question will be nice. It is important for me...

Shariff gravatar imageShariff ( 2013-11-11 15:15:03 +0200 )edit