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NetworkX - how to install it?

asked 2013-09-05 08:25:16 +0200

mresimulator gravatar image

Hi experts!

How to install NetworkX for use it in SAGE? Is already istalled in SAGE?

Thanks a lot!!

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answered 2013-09-05 09:07:10 +0200

tmonteil gravatar image

updated 2013-09-05 09:14:46 +0200

NetworkX is distributed with Sagen and used by Sage for the Graph module. To use it directly, just do:

sage: import networkx

and then you can see all available functions by typing:

sage: networkx.<TAB>
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Thanks a lot!!

mresimulator gravatar imagemresimulator ( 2013-09-05 09:33:02 +0200 )edit

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