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Why did attach become stupid?

asked 2013-06-23 07:42:07 -0600

anonymous user


Recently, the attach feature poses two problems.

  1. It says that "attach" is deprecated and that we should use "%attach". Why?
  2. The real problem: "attach" and "%attach" now create a huge amount of stupid files in the folder. Why? How to prevent this?
  3. How could the Sage developers let such an annoying thing make it in a Sage release and, worse, not correct it in newer versions?

Thanks in advance!

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answered 2013-06-23 08:44:02 -0600

ppurka gravatar image

Sage developers are aware of this regression. Please follow ticket 14169 and ticket 14523, and give some positive feedback in the tickets if you want/can.

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answered 2013-06-23 13:55:43 -0600

Volker Braun gravatar image

updated 2013-06-23 13:56:08 -0600

Its not fixed because YOU did nothing to help review the ticket ;-)

The preferred syntax is


since it is also valid Python syntax. Similar to the print operator going away in Python 3 and being replaced by an ordinary function.

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