Moving my Sage install (on Linux)

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I installed Sage on a partition that is now running out of space. I'd like to move its ~1.5Gigs to another partition that has space aplenty. Is there a way to do this, maintaining the ability to invoke sage from the terminal etc., other than to rebuild it completely in the new spot (which takes ages on my slow machine)?


asked Oct 10 '10

Plausible gravatar image Plausible
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You can just move the directory containing Sage to the new place. When you are done copying the files, go to that directory and run the sage script directtly, either by clicking on it from the files manager or by typing

$ ./sage

on the command prompt.

The first time you run Sage from its new location, it will go through the files and make the changes required. After it starts, use the install_scripts() function to replace the old scripts on your system to launch Sage, Singular, Gap, etc. with the new ones.


posted Oct 10 '10

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Perfect -- Thank you! Plausible (Oct 11 '10)

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