Running a SAGE based script on Android Phone

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Hello, Can I write a script in Python for use on an Android phone that uses a library or module in SAGE? Do I, can I, install SAGE onto an Android phone? Is there a way to compile/transform the SAGE dependent part of the code into a file that can be included in a Python script on the Android phone? In other words, can SAGE be used on an Android phone? If so, how? What would the implementation look like Thanks, Kyle

asked Oct 08 '10

frododrumsolo gravatar image frododrumsolo
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updated May 12 '11

Kelvin Li gravatar image Kelvin Li
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2 Answers:

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Sage has been successfully compiled on the Android G1, but I don't think it was really usable. In any case, here's a blog post with link to the announcement on sage-devel:

Sage on Android

A related question you might be thinking of is whether Sage can be separated into smaller pieces which can be run independently on phones; I don't know whether there's been any effort in that direction, but the archives of sage-devel might contain information about that.

And finally, let me point out that you can always connect to and run any notebook code you write!


posted Oct 08 '10

niles gravatar image niles
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This link you provided is not about running sage on Android Operating system . From the link, the author installed debian ARM on his phone, which is sold with android OS installed, so he is using an android phone with no android OS on it , and simple calls it Android . so it is more likely that sage can run on arm processors or not. Android is different from debian, as debian is a full linux distro with full libraries. In fact installing sage on ARM processor generally is now more possible as this link points to 100MB RAM phone. while now ARM have 2GB phones and tablets with quad core processors. Sage math is now provided in dev channel for arm processors but regular linux distros. Some effort about android sage is!searchin/sage-devel/android/

Muhammad Annaqeeb (Apr 15 '13)
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posted Sep 29 '11

dananos gravatar image dananos

This forum is for the mathematical software available at

niles (Oct 02 '11)

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