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I'm having a little trouble understanding how to run Sage on Windows 7. I've installed Virtual Box and I've downloaded and extracted the Sage files for Windows, but how exactly do I now run these files? Sorry for asking this but the installation instructions seemed a bit vague.

asked Oct 07 '10

David gravatar image David
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2 Answers:

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Hmm, another case of the Virtual Box... which we haven't supported for a few releases, I think.

I recommend doing the VMWare version, because that is all that is available now, I think. Then read this, which is hopefully pretty informative.

Follow up if this doesn't help!


posted Oct 07 '10

kcrisman gravatar image kcrisman
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If VirtualBox is not supported for a last few releases, one should probably edit the windows install page on where VirtualBox and VMWare are presently treated as essentially equivalent options for a Windows user. kkumer (Oct 16 '10)
I wasted 2 days in figuring out (digging up to this answer); hope, the above suggestion is acted upon ASAP; nonetheless, I am not commenting on Sage, having not been able to find it out first hand. Pranab (Feb 02 '11)
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I am curious: why the VirtualBox edition did not come up?


posted Feb 02 '11

Pranab gravatar image Pranab

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