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Is there any command equivalent to the Mathematica's "TrigToExp" and "ExpToTrig"? Where should I look for general support on complex exponential/trigonometric functions?

asked Sep 25 '10

yaman gravatar image yaman
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updated Apr 28 '11

Kelvin Li gravatar image Kelvin Li
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2 Answers:

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This works for me in Sage 4.5.3:

sage: x = var('x')
sage: t1 = cos(x)
sage: t2 = e^(I * x) / 2 / I - e^(-I * x) / 2 / I
sage: sageobj(t1._maxima_().exponentialize())
1/2*e^(-I*x) + 1/2*e^(I*x)
sage: sageobj(t2._maxima_().demoivre())

Perhaps there's a simpler way? I don't think we've wrapped Maxima's demoivre and exponentialize in Sage. They're documented here.


posted Sep 29 '10

Mitesh Patel gravatar image Mitesh Patel
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updated Sep 29 '10

Oh, that's great. Can you file a ticket to do so - perhaps with Mma-like notation, if it ends up being appropriate? kcrisman (Sep 29 '10)
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Hi, just wondering if any work has been done on this yet? It's been a while, so I thought there may be some updates. Anyway, I'm a total exponentiation geek (or call me anti-trigonometric freak if you like), so a simple TrigToExp function in Sage would be nice.


posted Mar 25 '12

daniel kho gravatar image daniel kho

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